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Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine (click picture below for the article)

"I knock on every door,
Closed one, closing ones and the ones that slam in my face,
My knees crackle, my teeth clatter, my bones grind away,
The open doors close quickly and the closed ones remain shut,
And yet I keep on knocking; shameless hope lingers in my heart."
---Saborna Roychowdhury

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It is not just the semi-educated trader class, India's literati are far from being pure: cronyism, attacks by proxy, and score-settling and shoddy book reviewing, and the cocktail party factor—the book launch with the best cocktails and l...ocation gets the best press—all speak less than glowingly of them"......Crasta's idea here is spot on....but we should simplify it in simplest terms....the old saying that talent will out is a myth...clout,influence,flattery,mutual interests ....these are factors...a block between a writer and a non-writer...just today a friend to one Booker winner informed me that he/she spent much on review...initially I could not understand...then slowly it dawned on me that reviewers are makers of fate too...of the writers and publishers' kitty...I know of a very talented young writer...he/she met several publishers...curtly told to wait...maybe for eternity....some of the publishers are indecent enough to keep you waiting...this rosy young writer is waiting......for how long, does even God know? Davidar is coming to India...all Borges-ed....I am not that hopeful....I am sure Pierre Menards will rule...Cervantes will be under carpet...I'll be glad if I am mistaken !!!
----Upal Deb

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Life is busy? Take it easy
No time to cook? Buy a book!
Wrapping paper always an issue?
Simply use bathroom tissue!
First page, inscribe her name,
Get it right, to avoid blame!
Reading the book, she will weep,
Boyfriend and book both-she will keep!

Footprints in the Bajra Review 1

Footprints in the Bajra Review 2

The traditional publishing model is collapsing for a variety of reasons, and many agents I know are about to quit the profession. "This is a beautiful novel, but it's not a commercial novel, so I have to pass," is a standard reply from agents these days. Remember agents have a family to feed, children to take care of, and they simply can't risk everything for their love of literature.
Book stores are finding literary fiction a hard sell these days. As a result, publishers don't want to publish literary fiction.... so agents don't want to accept the manuscripts for the same. The author who is at the bottom of the chain is stuck with a manuscript no one wants. I blame technology for this behavioral change in people. Digital age and social media have, to some extent, destroyed the art of reading. Young people are snacking on the shallow bits of information on the internet....deep, steady thinking is disappearing. People are just moving around the net gathering information ....and not being creative...never pursuing their creative impulses. Video games, texting and face book have destroyed reading and thinking and that in turn has impacted the traditional model of publishing. At least, this is my theory.The fact that my novel, "The Distance" and Nabina Das's novel, "Footprints in the Bajra" can't find a major U.S. agent or publisher is perfect evidence of the model's problems.
 But as the reader, you have the power to fight for good books. Go and buy the "Footprints in the Bajra" and keep good literature alive. Ask not what the agent and publisher can do for you....ask what you can do for them!

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(1) I keep advising writers to send out their work to literary agents. Here is the confession....and trust me it is not easy for me to say it here....I don't send out my work.  I did send my ms. to about 10 U.S. agents and then...well... I STOPPED. I hate REJECTIONS. Remember the feeling when your  boy-friend dumps you?.....You were going to have his kids and grand-kids and he was going to build a library for you and take you to Paris? 
Then one day, he said casually, over a cup of coffee, "We should see other people." Packed his bags and left. Remember, the days after that....the burning sensation in your chest, the sleepless nights, the call you made to your mother and your best friend? Well, getting rejection letters feels kind of like that. It ain't easy....or pretty.
Anyway, my New Year resolution is write to these NEW 27 Literary agents listed in the October issue of Writer's Digest. If I can overcome my can you!

(2) AFTER the humiliation of 25 rejection slips from publishers over two decades and a near nervous breakdown, Anees Salim, the 41-year-old creative director of FCB Ulka, Cochin, will run a victorlap in 2011.