List of Indian Publishers


The amazing thing about Indian publishers is that very few of them have an active presence on the web. As expected, some of the bigger publishers do have their own web sites, but for most of the others, you can search till you're blue in the face, and you'll only end up burning out your search engines. Trust me, I've tried.


The following are accessible:





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India Book Fair

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Publisher Contact Info:


Ms V K Karthika,

Managing Editor

Penguin Books India,

11, Community Centre,

Panchsheel Park,

New Delhi 110 017.

Ph  : (011) 2649 4401

Fax: (011) 649 4403



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Harper Collins India  

1-A, Hamilton House

Connaught Place

New Delhi - 110 001


Phone: 91 011 2335 2233/ Ext. 210, 204

Fax: 91 011 2373 1402



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Picador India,

5A/12, Ansari Road,


New Delhi 110 002.

URL: (Picador India does not yet have its own website)


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Ravi Dayal Publisher,

51 E, Sujan Singh Park,

New Delhi 110 003

Ph: (011) 24620850



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